99 percent of all UFO sightings can be explained as the simple misidentification of natural phenomena, aircraft, balloons, normal things seen under abnormal conditions and hoaxes. As you read any stories and watch any videos on this site or any other, make your own judgement and separate those from the real sightings. 

Approx. SUMMER 1973


           This is a sighting recently shared with me that took place in northeastern Ohio around the summer of 1973. The witness has been thinking about it for years and returned to take pictures of the scene, using art programs to add the UFO. He has also included sketches and maps. I believe that the only way you'll ever get answers or find other witnesses is to share, especially historical events such as this.

   If you have seen something similar please share.


 (witness description)

            This is my report of a ufo close encounter that I had in the summer of 1973 (or it could have been 1972). I didn’t report it back then because I was only 16 years old and it was gone by the time I could have called the police. Also I didn’t know anything about Mufon or NUFORC. This happened at a time before we had the internet or digital smartphone cameras. The incident occurred in the city of Willowick, Ohio, an eastern suburb of Cleveland, (20 miles east) which is in Lake County of Northeast Ohio, right along the Lake Erie shoreline. It also happened to be right next to the house that I lived in back then. It was a warm clear cloudless evening about 10:00pm when myself and three of my close friends were walking down the street going north towards my house which was near the shoreline of Lake Erie. When we were about halfway down the street (300 yards from my house) we noticed some strange lights at the end of the street over the intersection of E.324th St. & Lakeshore Blvd(283). As we got closer we could see that there was a black disc-shaped UFO hovering at treetop level right above the intersection. It was some what larger than the intersection with white round lights going around the middle (hovering silently in the air-defying gravity). We continued to walk towards the craft until we were standing directly underneath it. As we looked up at the UFO in disbelief we asked each other what it was and why was it there. We were kind of both fascinated and frightened at the same time. We stood there under it about another 10-15 minutes when it then began to slowly drift horizontally north towards the shoreline. We kept following it to the cliff and down some steps to the beach until we were again right under it on the beach at the waters edge. As soon as it got completely over the water it suddenly shot straight up into the night sky as it ascended quickly to 2000ft in about 2-3 seconds (like watching an elevator go up from the bottom). When it got as high as an airplane it stopped and the light pattern changed from a circular pattern to a triangle pattern (3 white lights) and took off at a high rate of speed in a northern direction towards Canada. We watched it until it was out of sight. Don’t know if there was anybody else in the neighborhood that saw it but I do know that no cars came down the road the whole time (45 minutes?), which was kind of weird. Not sure how long it was sitting there before we saw it or where it came from. I’ve told this story many times but I guess it’s a little hard to believe that a UFO would just be sitting there in the middle of a suburb but that’s exactly what happened. If you talked to the other guys that were with me they would tell you the same story. I just feel that this is important and the rest of the world should know about it